Welcome to my FAQ haven, sanctuary where I pour my heart and soul into unraveling the enchanting mysteries behind your most common inquiries. If, by any chance, your quest through these virtual corridors does not lead you to the exact answers you seek, there’s no need to harbor any worries! Feel free to reach out, and I’ll be your helpful guide on the quest for answers to your inquiry. Your curiosity is my command!

initial contact

Allow me to share a whimsical secret with you – phone calls and I, well, we haven’t quite found our groove! Instead, I propose an intriguing alternative: let’s embrace the allure of text messages and SMS. They’re akin to enigmatic notes tucked into envelopes, each one a cryptic puzzle piece that assembles into perfect clarity, all while maintaining an air of mystery and charm. Your understanding is truly appreciated in this delightful endeavor!


Oh, darling, I completely understand that introductions can be as tricky as solving a puzzle! But worry not, for I’ve conjured up a little introduction potion just for you! Simply use this template and watch your introduction transform into pure magic:

Hi Kalea, I found you on Ivy would like to organise a time to see you. My name is (your name) and I’m (your age). I am interested in (sweet/sinful/digital) experience and am wanting to spend (duration of booking) with you. Are you available (preferred date) at (time of day)?”

With this script in hand, you’ll be ready to cast your spell and start our magical adventure!


In our financial discussions, let’s maintain a harmonious tone as delightful as a bee’s buzz around a field of flowers. My rates are fixed and not subject to negotiation, ensuring clarity in our arrangements.


In our enchanting journey together, safety is our guiding star.To ensure a magical and secure experience for both of us, a gentle screening process awaits. Please, be ready to share answers to my safety screening questions, so we can embark on our adventure with peace of mind and a sprinkle of curiosity!


As we prepare for our enchanting rendezvous, a tiny detail to keep in mind: I’ll kindly request a deposit to ensure our magical time together is secured. You can make this contribution by gracefully transferring 45% through Beem or Osko, bringing a touch of modern magic to our arrangement. The remaining balance, like a hidden treasure, will be exchanged in the form of cash when we meet. It’s all part of the grand scheme of our splendid escapade!


In the grand tapestry of our adventure, my dear, there’s a detail to note. When it comes to the outcalls and travel to our meeting, I do hope you’ll take on the role of the gallant traveler and cover the Uber expenses. It’s like you’re the dashing hero of our own fairy tale, ensuring a smooth and delightful rendezvous! Your graciousness in this matter truly adds a touch of enchantment to our upcoming date!